Welcome to Resolved, A hosting company where YOU, the customer is the piority!

Resolved was formed late December in 2015, originally being called JamesF3X. The name Resolved appeared in June 2015, completely removing JamesF3X.

  • Resolved has support agents and specialists based around the UK
  • All our plans can be easily upgraded with no hassle!
  • We are constantly working on new products.
  • Our Game Servers come with a control panel, meaning you have total control of your gaming experiance.
  • Mods and Addons can be installed to Game Servers with no fuss or hassle.
  • Our mail servers are easy to connect to Applications such as Outlook.

All the features listed above are just some of the reasons why you should choose Resolved, if you need somthing that is not listed, Don't worry! Just contact support and we will work to get the problem Resolved.

From Game Servers, to Web Hosting and Seals, Resolved has you covered.